Thursday, 10 March 2016

Necessity of Airport Taxis

Airport transport services are very essential for the people who are travelling by air. They provide scheduled services to areas around the airport. The airport transport services include buses, taxis, autos and vans. This airport transport also provides late night services. The drivers of airport taxi waits for their passenger outside with a signboard containing the name of passenger.

Services provided by Airport Taxis:

Airport taxis are vehicles for hire which has a driver. These are usually used by single or small groups of passengers. It even offers non-shared ride. Southampton Airport Taxis differ from other modes of public transport. In public transport, pick-up and drop-off locations are determined by those who are providing services. However, in airport taxis, it is determined by passengers.

Airport taxi offers reliable and quick transfers in areas near the Southampton Airport. It tries to give meet and greet service. It accommodates all types of events possible. It also gives 24*7 services. People can also book airport taxis beforehand.Booking is done online or via telephone within a day. It also tries to dedicate its free waiting time to the passengers. It provides services at an affordable price.

Southampton Airport Taxi is UK based airport Taxi Company. It is also a private hire service provider which specialist in transporting people to and from hotels, airports, UK postcodes and seaports. Its foundation depends upon satisfaction of customers. The drivers of airport taxi should have good communication skills, provide satisfactory service and give excellent presentation. If the drivers see that the flight is being delayed, they adjust their work accordingly.

Eligibility of Airport Taxi Drivers:

Southampton City Council provides license to all drivers of airport taxi. All the drivers should strictly abide by the rules. Taxi drivers should be at least 21 years of age. They should also have drivers’ license for two years. They should also pass driving and basic skills assessment. They should not have criminal record. The drivers should also provide medical report to Southampton City Council, which is signed by medical practitioner.

Taxis at Southampton airport conduct meetings of the drivers to make the taxi drivers aware about the instructions to be followed. The meeting is also held to discuss about the topics like working practice, disability awareness, disciplinary procedures, public relations, and expectations of clients. If additional information and services are required, then people should contact the company via telephone or make a visit at its office.

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